e) Worksheets  

There are five worksheets that can be used in staff meetings, staff development sessions and training workshops.
They are available in Working with people with ABI: Training materials Handouts, Worksheets & ToolsPDF. Notes for facilitators and presenters are in: Working with people with ABI: Materials for facilitators and presenters PDF

Worksheet 1 : Check what you know

This is a one page test to check what a person knows about ABI.
It is a starting point for discussion, not a comprehensive test.

Worksheet 2 : ABI Questions in the workshop

This is a worksheet for use in a workshop. It asks key questions that will be used throughout the workshop and provides space for people to record their responses to the key questions.

Worksheet 3 : Case study
Worksheet 3A : Case study : Suggested answers for some questions

Worksheet 3 is a case study and questions for use in a staff development session or workshop.
Worksheet 3A are discussion points for the facilitator to use in the discussion of the answers to the questions in Worksheet 3.

Worksheet 4 : Improving working with people with ABI : Learning and service network issues

This is a Worksheet for use in a staff development session or workshop.

Worksheet 5 : Working with people with ABI ... Can you?

This is a checklist of competencies needed by staff who are working with people with ABI.
It is a list to help identify what areas a person feels competent in. It is not a comprehensive test of their competence.