Using the site   

The site has been designed with four groups of workers in mind:

Information and referral staff
Support workers
Case managers
Program managers.

However the site will be useful to anyone working with people with ABI including family and friends of people with ABI.

The site has been designed:

as a web based resource that can be dipped into and
with two self paced learning modules (than can be completed at different depths depending on your role).

If you are working on building your own skills see Building knowledge: 10. Worker roles for ideas on what you need to know and what resources will be useful.

If you are building knowledge in a workplace see Building knowledge: 11. In the workplace for ideas and resources.

The site includes:

Self study modules

At the heart of the site are two Self-Study modules:

1. Introduction to ABI
2. Working with people with ABI

They include Pre and Post tests to test your knowledge. These modules include links to all the materials on the site.

ABI, People and Practicalities

An orientation for people new to working with people with ABI:

3. Types of ABI - overview of the different types of ABI and links to further information
4. People with ABI - stories of people with ABI
5. Practice tools - tools useful for workers
6. Practice wisdom - wisdom from interviews with people with ABI, family members, staff, caseworkers

Case Management and Services

An orientation to case management and the services network:

7. Case managing people with ABI - Essence of case management and what's unique in work with people with ABI
8. Services network - Pathways and services network in NSW
9. Tools for Services - Tools that services wish to share with others.

Building Knowledge

Strategies and resources for the learning in the work place:

10. Worker roles - Ideas for what each role needs to know and resources that will be useful.
11. In the workplace - Ideas and resources for building knowledge n the workplace.
12. For reference - A systematic list of all the resources available on the site.