Person with TBI/ABI requiring formal support for more than 35 hours per week

Person requires more than 35 hours of formal support to live in community
No other informal supports available
Relevant for newly or previously acquired ABI or previously acquired TBI (pre 2007)

1. Injury and admission to hospital
2. Person ready for discharge
3. Person discharged

Managing and coordinating the best pathway for the person taking into account:

a) The person's injury and their personal journey of recovery and rehabilitation
b) Available service pathways
c) Available funding pathways for rehabilitation and support services

Hospital inpatient/outpatient services include:

a) Acute care
b) Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program
c) Transitional Living Unit (TLU)

Community services include heath services in the community (including outpatients)

NOTE: Age at injury

NDIS funds the support services if the person was less than 65 at the time of the injury.
Aged Care Programs fund the support services if the person was 65 or more at the time of the injury.