Services and Pathways  

Services and Pathways provides information on typical personal, service and funding pathways in NSW.

Service pathways vary from one person with ABI to another. To understand an individuals' service pathway it is useful to understand:

a) The person's injury and their personal journey of recovery and rehabilitation
b) Typical service pathways
c) Typical funding pathways for rehabilitation and support services

Within the context of these three overall pathways there are seven more specific service pathway examples:

1: Person with a recent ABI requiring housing and support
2: Person with a recent TBI requiring support up to 35 hours/week
3: Person with a previous TBI/ABI with drug/alcohol or mental health issues
4: Person with TBI/ABI with challenging behaviours
5: Person with previous TBI/ABI exiting prison system
6: Applicant or existing tenant of Housing NSW with a diagnosed or undiagnosed ABI/TBI
7: Person with TBI/ABI requiring formal support for more than 35 hours per week

There is also an FAQ on Pathways' Essentials.