Tool 9 : Managing and supervising staff   

Good staff management and supervision includes:

How to get the right person for the job

  • Recognise the value of the recruitment process
  • Identify important criteria in selecting staff to work with people with ABI.

Developing and retaining staff

  • identify key strategies to retain and develop staff working with people with ABI.
  • – orientation
    – training and education
    – performance management

Good management practice

  • Identify key issues in working with clients with a brain injury
  • Identify strategies and good practices for effective supervision and support of staff working with people with ABI
  • Identify good management practices
  • Explore basic concepts in the provision of client services
  • Identify the value of policies and procedures
  • Recognise the stressors that often exist for staff due to the nature of brain injury
  • Identify management strategies in response to staff stress.

The role of the manager

  • Identify essential skills and responsibilities for managers
  • Link recruitment with a Management Framework.

Good management practices

  • consistent approach to client management
  • good communication, written and verbal,
  • clinical and critical pathways
  • develop and foster a team approach
  • hold regular meetings to review and monitor and evaluate plan
  • provide in service education and training to staff
  • provide crisis management, intervention and debriefing
  • rotate staff to prevent burnout and stress
  • OH&S issues for staff – safe workplace
  • accessible and user-friendly policies and procedures
  • recognise staff stress – disillusionment process and stress.


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