Tool 5: Case managers issues checklist  

The following is a checklist a case manager can use to ensure they have considered all the relevant issues with a person with ABI when they are setting goals and developing plans.

History of accident and recovery

  • date of injury
  • type of injury
  • period of unconsciousness/post traumatic amnesia (if TBI)
  • type of accident (if TBI)
  • rehabilitation history


  • rehabilitation reports
  • rehabilitation goals
  • rehabilitation contact

Pre-morbid status

  • pattern of behaviour
  • education/employment
  • social background
  • medical issues

Status post-injury

  • activities and daily living skills
  • communication/language difficulties
  • cognitive impairments
  • personality/behaviour problems
  • emotional states (depression, anxiety, anger)
  • adjustment difficulties
  • awareness of disability
  • sexuality issues
  • relationship issues
  • medical issues (brain-injury related and non brain- injury related)
  • medication
  • substance use or abuse
  • psychiatric status

Client's needs and goals

  • identify and establish

Family and significant other assessment

  • impact on the family
  • relationship issues
  • behavioural issues
  • adjustment to disability issues, including understanding of disability


  • recreation/leisure
  • work/education
  • accommodation
  • respite care
  • finances
  • legal
  • compensation
  • other agencies.

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