Module 2 Working with People with ABINext e)

i) Overview

Self-study Module 2 Working with People with ABI

Self-study Module 2 Working with people with ABI focuses on the building blocks for how to work with people with ABI. This Module assumes you have already completed Module 1 An Introduction to ABI or its equivalent which focuses on introducing what an ABI is and its consequences.

This self-study Module has been designed:

  • as a web based resource that can be dipped into and
  • as a self paced learning module (that can be completed at different depths depending on your role).

If you want to complete it as a self-paced learning module it is recommended that you:

  • take the Pre-Test
  • complete the module - working through the material, case studies, videos and so on
  • take the Post-Test

To fully complete the module
- all graphics, text, videos, questions, pre and post tests
will take approximately three hours.

The module can be completed in less depth in approximately one hour.

Watching the video stories of the people with ABI and the video clips of workers, family members and case managers is essential.

The Module includes:

  • Text
  • Videos (indicated on tabs by Video)
  • slide shows/animated graphics (indicated on tabs by Graphic)
  • Questions and answers you can complete to check your progress ( indicated on tabs by Q or Questions)

Video stories and video clips

he videos include:

  • Stories of people with ABI - there are 12 stories in Modules 1 & 2 - between 3.5 and 11 minutes each
  • Clips of workers, case managers, family members and people with ABI talking about their experiences - There are 4 video clips in Modules 1 and 2 - between 1 minute and 6 minutes each (most are 1 to 2 minutes)and a further 18 in the reference material.

Module 1 An Introduction to ABI includes 7 of the stories and 2 video clips
Module 2 Working with people with ABI includes 6 of the stories and 2 video clips.

The Module is structured around three sets of key messages:

A. Unique individuals building independence
B. Working through emotions and relationships
C. Working with services




ii) Key messages for working with people with ABI

The following graphic summarises the key messages for Module2 Working with people with ABI

As you work through the module you might return to this graphic and ask yourself:

         Could I use this graphic to explain the key messages to somebody else?

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