Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) and ABI   

ADHC supports improving services to people with ABI.

ADHC is committed to increasing ABI awareness and knowledge across all service types particularly, case management services, in-home support providers, accommodation, community participation, leisure and recreation providers and HACC funded services.

This web site is one strategy - supporting developing staff knowledge and skills.

The following highlights some of the HISTORICAL context for ADHC's directions in its work with people with ABI:

Stronger Together: A new direction in disability services in NSW 2006 -2016PDFis a 10 year plan aimed at providing greater assistance and long term practical solutions for people with a disability. ADHC has now set strategic priorities relating to this plan. These priorities include developing new approaches for people with adult onset disabilities including people with Acquired Brain Injury.

Stronger Together Phase 2 2011/12 to 2015/16PDFhas been announced and includes an additional $2 billion in new growth funding for disability services (including ABI) over the five years. Key features of the second phase of Stronger Together are the focus on families as key determiners of how resources are used, increased availability of individualised and portable funding arrangements, and a life span approach to meeting people's needs.

Stronger Together Phase 2 Policy Supplement Directions PDFfor adult onset disability services in NSW 2006-2016 to further address and strengthen the service response for people with an adult onset disability we aim to continue improving the service response by focusing on the following:
• Person-centred approaches
• A life span approach
• A service system with the right capacity.

Introduction of the NDIS and transfer of ADHC services to the proviate sector: 2017 and following